You’re Here For A Reason

You’ve landed here because the status quo falls short of your hunger for more. You’re in search of the next step that’ll bring what you envision and crave within reach. New levels of balance and fulfillment are imminent. You’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. You’re in pursuit of the guidance and tools that’ll generate both inner and outer results.

the five bodies

Human performance thrives across five dimensions. Ancient wisdom knew this, modern society forgot. We’ve ignored who we are—we’ve fallen behind. In order to win the “race” we call life, we must return to wholeness. We must optimize these five bodies. We must;


The Physical


The emotional


The Energetic


The spiritual


The mental

How optimized
are your five bodies?

Are you ready to dive in and reveal the potential of your five bodies? This is where we unlock your true potential and develop a unique road map for your peak performance and fulfillment. It’s time to find out what’s missing…

The method

It Starts With You:

We embrace your inner knowing that something has to change and set it ablaze. We do so by getting clear on your sense of purpose, and leveraging it to go all the way f*cking in.

Take bold action:

With a defined purpose we start taking bold action on clear objectives, in-spite of all uncertainty. We let the fire of determination guide you and the fuel of momentum propel you forward.

Amplify momentum:

We cultivate consistency in all areas of your life by refining your objectives and weaving them into the fabric of your life through Inbodied rituals and practices.

Fuel Your drive:

Through consistent, clearly defined actions you become a master of the Inbodied Method. By forging, fortifying, aligning, harnessing and deepening your 5 Bodies, you’ll unleash an indomitable force within.

Alchemize Your Challenges:

Feeling stronger and more powerful than ever before, you’ll welcome obstacles that come. You’ll learn to transform them into valuable insights and gain the wisdom to emerge from all adversity even stronger.

Elite Inbodyment:

Witness the culmination of steps 1-5, as invincibility, groundness, and relentless drive unite, propelling you to accomplish the unthinkable, become the top 1% and realize fulfillment across all avenues of your life.

Cam MAcdougall

Cam is far from your typical coach; he’s a dynamic catalyst for change. In his world, action and results always trump theory.

The 5 Bodies are not something he learned in a book, they are the product of his lived experience.

He learned to forge his physical body in juvenile detention. An act that ignited his passion for athletics leading to his accreditation as a strength and conditioning coach.

He fortified his mental body as a necessity to leave a life of crime, go back to school and escape a lifestyle that was going to kill him.

He aligned his energy body to go from high-school dropout to professional chef, to Asst Vice President, to Cross Fit athlete to coach.

He learned to harness his emotional body through healing his trauma caused by years of crime and violence.

He deepened his spiritual body by going deep into the heart of the amazon and sitting with medicine and teachers around the world.

Cam believes in lived experience. He believes in being raw, real and deeply connected to life. He believes in taking action.

Expect a blend of playfulness, banter, reverence, and devotion. Living an Inbodied Life isn’t a program; it’s a philosophy – a dance of duality, a dance of truth, led by Cam’s expert guidance.

So, What’s
Your Move?

No need for me to rehash all of this, you’ve felt it in every cell of your body for a while now. There’s a pressure building within you, demanding action. Decision time has arrived. The stage is yours. What’s your next step?